Gay Torture Virgins Sucking Cock


Gay torture was part of being obeying gay sex slaves but just when they thought that they were given a break, one of their trainers stood between them and orders them to satisfy him orally.

Being good scores brownie points, so they both got to work, covering the whole shaft with their lips and tongues. They wanna be rewarded for their good work and hopefully this will bring them much needed sexual relief afterwards.

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He was taken by the local gay dominant militia to be interrogated


Being taken to the wood shed has new meaning for this unsuspecting young civilian boy. He was taken by the local gay dominant militia to be interrogated. You can see that these soldiers mean business by the way they bind the boy toWatch how he is forced to suck on their hard, throbbing cocks to help relieve the stress of war. Make sure you don’t miss seeing these gay dominant troopers take turns pounding deep into this tightly bound young man’s shit chute a beam. . You can hear him moan in pain as he is assaulted, used and abused.

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Gay Dominant Troopers In Action


Can you imagine waking up and finding a shit load of gay dominant gun wielding thugs in fatigues standing over you? That’s what happened to this young man. Before he was even completely awake, the local militia had him hogtied and even used his tee shirt to act as a blindfold. The gay dominant soldiers use terror tactics to gain complete submission and this boy is forced to endure having cock after cock stuck in his face. He gets his ass whipped while chowing down on man meat. Don’t miss the torture this boy must endure in order to survive.

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Used And Abused By Gay Dominant Men


From the look on this captured young man, he is none to happy at being the subject of horny, gay dominant soldiers. He is forced to submit to being tightly bound and gagged to prevent him from crying out or resisting their advances. Suspended and restrained, this boy must endure swallowing cock after cock. These gay dominant militia men aren’t bashful and waste no time in nailing his exposed pooper deep and hard. You can hear this boy moan and groan as he is used and abused for the entertainment of these troops.

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His desire to be one of the male sex slaves


He’s young and just developed and it was his desire to be one of the male sex slaves. Getting gay spank across his hot white body was nothing in comparison with what’s about to happen to him.

Standing with his feet shoulder apart and his arms tied away from his body, his eager hard cock is in a bad need to explore but instead, he’ll have his own rectal passage deeply and widely stretched by his trainer who’s hot rod is more massive than anything he’s seen before. By whispering sweet nothings, it does nothing to relax him and only turns him on even more.

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Gay Spank is Just the Start of his Gay Slave Training


Gay spank was only the beginning in these kinky gay bdsm videos. What followed was the most extreme and hopefully final lesson of gay slave training. Chained to the wall, with his arms and legs wide apart, almost every inch of his naked body was pinched and skin pulled away with pegs.

From his arms, chest, nipples, belly and all the way down to the pubes, the hot spanking though painful was nothing in comparison to this, but it’s one of the last lessons thankfully.

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Wishing to become one of gay sex slaves just started his training


One of the new recruits wishing to become one of gay sex slaves just started his training. When asked to strip naked, he did it, when tied to a metal brace with his arms and legs firmly apart, he obeyed. He put up with every form of male torture he possibly could.

Even though so far he never got any satisfaction, he was rather pleasantly surprised when one of the trainers saw his hard cock and grabbed it with his hands stroking it up and down. Hopefully he’ll allow him to finish off as he’s been looking forward to it this whole time.

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Gay Slave Experiences His First Torture Session


Being a good gay slave means putting yourself through various forms of gay slave training. In a padded room where no noise can escape and with hands and ankles tied together and hanging from a ceiling, one naked hunk is put through his first male torture session.

He gets fucked so hard and deep that no matter how much he moans and yells, no one will hear him, but despite the brutality, he loves having his anal passage stretched by his master.

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Spanking Boys Put Through Their Paces


Spanked, burnt and hanging upside down, one of the spanking boys isn’t even aware what’s awaiting him in gay torture, but the sight of the eager cock of his torturer pretty much gives him an idea.

He wanted to be one of the good gay sex slaves and this is only the beginning of his gay slave training, where pain mixes with pleasure and it’s all for the greater good in the future to be able to serve his master.

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His eager cock is almost hardduring Hardcore Pounding


Tied and lying on his back, it’s all a process of gay slave training with a gay slave completely spread out and naked. His eager cock is almost hard all the way but the pain of being ass fucked and the grimace on his face say differently.

With arms and legs away from the body and tied with ropes so they are not in the way, his sexy tight hole is being brutally pounded in one of the lessons.

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